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At GAR-BRO, we devote 100 percent of our time to proper engineering and excellent quality fabrication of concrete placing equipment that covers the widest range of equipment needs and efficiency. We even offer custom built equipment and precast solutions to fit your specific needs.

GAR-BRO concrete buckets, specifically designed for mass placement of concrete in large civil projects such as hydroelectric projects and power houses, have been used the world over and have become the standard by which all others are measured.

Pricing Notice

Due to the rapid and unanticipated increases in steel prices, Gar-Bro reserves the right to implement a steel surcharge at any time on any non-firm order in our system. We realize this is an unexpected increase, but Gar-Bro simply cannot absorb these tremendous increases in cost. We are doing our very best to minimize the impact on our customers while closely monitoring the market in hopes of relief. Please call Gar-Bro for firm pricing until further notice. Thank you for your understanding in the matter.


New Product!

Soil Buckets! While most people associate GAR-BRO with concrete buckets, we now offer solutions for other materials as well, such as topsoil for green rooftops. Leveraging our vast experience and knowledge of gate and bucket design, we have incorporated many unique features into our topsoil buckets to ensure proper cleanout and a controlled discharge. Please give the engineers at GAR-BRO a call to further discuss your requirements.




NEW Gar-Bro Item 482 LP, 3 cubic yard capacity low profile lightweight round bucket - pictured next to our standard 3 cubic yard lightweight bucket, the Item 483-R.

  • Includes all the same features and advantages as our standard line of lightweight "R" series buckets but with an 11-inch lower loading height.
  • Includes a self-closing, "grout tight" 15-inch x 22-inch manually operated double clamshell gate, "bar" type lifting bail, and fittings to use optional Item 482-LPSC side chute.
  • Will also accept optional 409 accordion hoppers.

Specification sheet coming soon. Call the factory at 1-800-643-8192 for more information on this exciting new concrete placing option.



The newly designed Gar-Bro 3-wheeled concrete buggy is the ideal solution for easily moving concrete through tight spaces. Buggy features include:

  • Grout tight, self-closing quadrant type gate for easy control of concrete discharge
  • 3-wheeled design allows for no handle load
  • Brake system to assist in buggy control
  • Handle grips with safety caps to protect fingers from possible pinch points

Specification sheet coming soon. For more information now, please call us at 1-800-643-8192.

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